Friday, July 24, 2009

Welcome to Day 4 of the Frequency Bone Summer Music Connection

Today's topic is BRAVE TO BE. It is so vitally important if one wants to proceed in life and in finding and growing the deeper Art. So, take a deep breath, feel the strength of yourself, shoulders back, chest out and take it into yourself.

Another "TAC Legend" reading. Hang on to your hats, we are taking a trip into the future! Then you can decide how far away this future is.....

Machines, technology, power, they are never bad in themselves. It is the motive behind their use that determines their positive or negative affects. Practicing with a tuning device, metronome, mini disc or audio visual devices can be extremely useful. Back in the day, I used to practice with a cassette recorder or a reel to reel a few times a week. I also used a metronome. Very useful tools. But, if it gets where you are loosing your own sense of trust and find that you can no longer really handle the flexible situation that playing music with others is, that in my humble view is giving up your sensitive machinery and the further development of that machinery and can cause an incredible stiffness and/or stunted growth.

Could you imagine playing a great connected concert where the audience and the musicians were totally absorbed in the music and you went to a tuner and realized that the orchestra's pitch had changed from the first tuning "A" of the oboe? And then be upset?! I have seen this happen. It is called being frozen and academically strangled. In Harry Potter's world this would be referred to as muggle behaviour!  (Carol turned me onto this word a few years ago). What if that was supposed to naturally happen? I know for a fact it does. Why, would that not be alright if it organically happened and all the musicians were just going with it? If everyone were truly connected to the essence of the music, the essence would govern all the overlays because at that point the music would be a living thing.
                                         BRAVE TO BE

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Lise said...

Wow, what a journey this Frequency Bone Summer Music Connection has been so far. Thank you so much for sharing from your life's work in this intimate way. I am so glad that you yourself (and Carol) are "brave to be" so that others to come may be too, and work for what we each believe to be a better world.

As the last days have passed, I have looked at my replies to your questions, and it's great to find how the process both encourages and reflects who I am, not in the way of feeling I am falling short, but opening up new perspectives.

I find the prospect of true human art being lost in mechanics daunting, but I can also see this is a likely thing to happen, and not only with music, but also in fx. sports and well...everywhere it seems.

It is so important what you pass on, I feel. There is so much help inside of it to find "me" in my music making and other things I do. Thank you for your care and encouragement to be the person I wish to be.