Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Welcome to Day 1 of the first Frequency Bone Summer Music Connection

The first topic is: The Original You here on this video presentation. Relax, open your mind, leave your judgements behind and tune in!

If you do not 'practice' being free, how do you think your well conditioned responses will let you be different? Remember, you become what you practice. If you give time to be free each day, even for a couple of minutes, you will be able to access that part of yourself because you will build a close relationship with it. This is one way you can be in touch with you.

The meaning of the word free in this instance, means to let go of your usual chatter about what is good or not good, what is in tune or out of tune. LET IT GO for a few minutes each day. Could you imagine refusing to help someone who was truly in trouble because you did not like the pitch and timbre of their voice when they screamed? It is true that timbre, pitch and rhythm give us clues all of the time about human behaviour, especially in the feeling or subjective realms. But if our only criteria is "I like this, I don't like this," we will miss much because those two bars can become our prison.

If you let that overly active concern about technical 'perfection' go once in a while, you will discover a whole new fresh source of energy waiting to be tapped into and used. You will get to look forward to and enjoy your free practice times. It is an excellent release which can unclog the arteries of our emotions and creativity. You might only want to have short free practice periods for a while, then as you get used to the space, you will be more comfortable. This will of course vary from person to person.

This video will look at the subjective-objective relationship of oneself and music and will help to open up the previous video.

Thought: Yes, it is easy to acknowledge the fact of someone lifting a lot of weight over their head. But seeing the real reason why they are doing it might not be so easy. My Grandfather used to play his violin alone in his room. It was his personal time to reconnect to the 'old' country of his youth which was Poland. His family had to leave there and his violin was his time machine. what is your instrument to you?

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This is really beautiful. You are an inspiration.