Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Inside of What We Want

What you want and what you get -
how far apart are they?
Is what you get what you need?
Maybe what you want is hidden in what you get.
What is more important: What you want, what you get or what you need?
How long will you endure to get what you say you want?
In the quest for what you want, perhaps you get what you need in the process.
How do you handle what you get?
How do you handle what you don't get?

What I thought I wanted, and did not get, pointed me in the direction of what I needed, that masqueraded itself in what I thought I wanted....
Perhaps, inside of what we think we want is the meaning or essence of what we truly want and need.
For me, that was the case: To be full in oneself, not full of one's self, but fullness of Self. To have discovered this is what I truly want, for this I am ever grateful and I hope my life continues on this path of discovery.

My hope is that whatever work I do in this life, from this point on, will be of help to others: To encourage their own Self discovery and their further development of their natural gifts, whatever they may be.

In this, I am thankful for the great people in my life - from my parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts siblings, friends, teachers, students, my son and my dear, dear wife, all of whom have been my spiritual teachers and messengers, in their own ways.

May each person find their inner Self and live their own life in fullness, whereby all can benefit from one another as expressions of Life.

Happy Holidays to all!