Saturday, May 25, 2013

Summer is coming...

It has certainly been a while since my last post! But, summer is almost here and soon it will be time for the Frequency Bone Summer Music Connection 5! That is right, year five. Time does move and it is true the older you get it moves quicker. Funny how that it is. The tempo of time seems to accelerate the older you get. I'm sure this is true for as long as your health stays in good condition, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. By spiritually, I don't mean any one religion or faith. If that is the case though and it keeps  a person to always be improving and has the higher human values of care, patience, tolerance, good deeds, honor and respect, to name a few, then wonderful! If it is not a particular faith but has those and/or similar qualities, wonderful! For the higher inner core life that a person is anchored to, is going to be the stability that will last regardless of other changes physically.

It is the same with our Art. There will be a time for all of us, some earlier, some later, but all of us, where the physical aspect of playing will start to diminish. But your inner music can always grow. That is the value of teaching and passing on your love and knowledge to others. Or by writing music, books, or conducting groups. Or by simply enjoying and connecting to the essence of the music by listening.

That is why it is vital to create and form a relationship with your Art that goes beyond your own playing or performing. I can use music, by the connections I have made, to heal myself in many ways on several levels. To uplift my mental or emotional state if they get cluttered. To express inner thoughts that perhaps music can convey better than words.

Listen to the birds, hear the wind and rain, listen to people talk, listen and feel all what the world of sound does to you and make your own 'cocktails' of sonic splendor, upliftment, refreshment and rejuvenation. It is there waiting for you. Are you not your own composition, a walking symphony of life sounds and experience? Change your tempo consciously at times and meet another side of your own self created music. A side you might have never heard before...

Oh! The FBSMC 5 will be starting around the second or third week of June. Keep tuned for updates!