Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Seventeen years ago today....

Seventeen years ago today, starting at 10pm, in the chorus room in Symphony Hall and lasting until 2am, fourteen trombonists gathered to go where few have gone before, and never in this way, entered the domain of the Frequency Band….taking a journey into color, ancient places, well being and noble human qualities. The music was living, breathing and pulsating through us and around us creating tangle atmospheres and deep feelings. The Frequency Band was born!

Since this time the Frequency Band has been on an incredible journey of discovery and development. Ever growing in the core of it's arising, 'A Unity Born of Humanity'. A path leading to the essence of the music where the human instrument is the most important instrument. A place where your mistakes cost you nothing. A real sanctuary for music as a living thing.

I wish to thank all who have been in the Frequency Band over the past seventeen years and for those who have been supporters of it's arising. I personally want to thank my dear wife and co-director of the Frequency Band, Carol Viera, for her unstoppable will, depth of thought and perception and humanity she brings to this endeavor. The Frequency Band would not be what it is without her powerful connections and insight.

I wish you all the greatest happiness, connection and well being! It has been such an honor to be a part of this undertaking. May it live on and on for generations to come.


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