Saturday, May 30, 2009


It was 74 years ago today
A great wonderful person was born
Just as alive today
Even though she is in another domain

One of my first teachers
Maybe the first in this life
Filled with hope
Love of Nature
Love of family
Fun and playful
Fun! Fun! Fun!
Like a 'hip' Mary Poppins
She was the sugar that made the medicine go down
When Shirley held your hand
You felt so grand
Your life started playing
Like a big brass band!

You could be yourself around her (mostly) :-)
And when she sang, "When you wish upon a Star"
You felt your dreams would come true
And the fact I had a mother like her
Was the proof they had!!

Happy Birthday Mom, wherever you are in the universe!

Friday, May 15, 2009

"That is Where the Music Really Is!"

One of the core sentiments of the Frequency Band that Carol and I speak about is "music as a living thing." Carol has written many times on this vital attitude and approach and we both have worked with students and professional musicians on developing this wonderful and fresh relationship with their music.

In this post, Master Manlon connects deep into the heart of the matter.

Master Manlon was sitting in his practice room moving into deep realms of connective thought. The connection increased and it was clear how everything is energy and that we humans create from the need to move closer to the source of where energy originates.

Master Manlon saw, in his connective state, how the use of technology and the advancement of technology comes from the direct relationship between humans and their knowledge and personal interaction with energy. That is why, Master Manlon could see, the essence of oneself is energy in the form of consciousness. And this, he thought, has been known by the wise people of many cultures for thousands of years.

But to be in the experience of it marks the difference between knowledge from a distance (not integrated) and integrated personal connection--where one sees, feels, hears, tastes and smells the reality of the knowledge. The words with which to describe this state came to him as "intuitive experience cognizing the moment in continuum."

He thought of how, in music, the special moments people feel are when there is a momentum of energy that fills a person with a sense of 'now' and continuos movement where one feels life or oneself very deeply and fully. "To be here all the time," he thought. "Aaah, that is where the Music really is!" Because that is the essence of "Music as a Living Thing."



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Sunday, May 10, 2009

It Can Be Done

It can be done
It will be done
It has been done
and will continue to be done
by the brave and trying few
who wish to go beyond the 'make do'
into the land of opportunity
on the path of always new
but ever there
shining pure
open ended and truthful
hoping you will come join it
and journey to the sublime
powerful worlds waiting to be