Thursday, June 14, 2018

FBSMC10, The Art of the Student, Video 1 link and companion notes

Welcome to Frequency Bone Summer Music Connection 10! It has been a whole decade since these videos started. The tenth anniversary is dedicated to finding the art or arts of the students.
There is so much that can opened up with this interesting topic. Is there an art of the student? If so what are we a student of? See what happens to your thinking process after contemplating this first video. Ask yourself, whether you are a student or a professional or both: "What arts are forming in you?" Now watch video 1 (if you have not already done so), before going on to the next part of the blog post

Video 1

Now after seeing the video lets look at Applying Regular Training. This is vital for a student or anybody at any given time isn't it? If one is applying regular training, one starts to build a relationship with the subject, in this case our relationship with the horn and with music. When learning and continuing to improve our skills on the instrument, (first overlay work), we will come across different methods and exercises either on our own, or listening to someone else further developed than we are, our own teachers and more. Here are somethings you have probably come across:
1. start simple (The law of start with what you can do and gradual extend you abilities).
2. regular practice sessions (time of sessions changes according to desire, stamina (physical, mental or emotional).
3. determination
4. patience
5. monitor and appreciate small improvements
6. know when to take a rest!

Much more will follow in other videos and blog posts. Remember the anagram of interest?

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Two New Videos of Q&A for Duquesne University Trombone Studio with Myself and Dr.Viera

James Nova, the trombone teacher and head of the brass Department at Duquesne University asked myself and Dr. Carol Viera (my wife and partner) to do a master class at Duquesne University. The masterclass will eventually happen at some point in the future. 'Dr.V' had the idea that she and I would take questions and respond by video to Mr. Nova's trombone studio at the university ahead of the proposed masterclass. Mr. Nova thought that was a great idea and had his students write down some questions to ask Dr.V and myself which we responded to on these two videos.

On January 29th, 2018, we made these two videos addressing three of the students' questions. Dr. V and I got into a very good process with the questions and as you will see from the videos the answers are not black and white. We delved into the feelings of the questions and took them in many directions to paint a broad picture of their implications and tied it together with some practical ways and means. The questions ask about tension while holding the instrument, nerves, performance anxiety, audition preparation and dealing with the intensity of being on the job.

Here are the videos! I hope those of you who are watching will be able to get some good insight and some new ways to approach these situations.

Video 1
Video 2

Thursday, July 20, 2017

FBSMC9, Authenticity Series, Video 4

Having had some 'main' teachers, main in this case meaning teachers that I studied with the longest, and others who I took lessons with for shorter periods of time and got an immense amount from, I was certainly caught by what would seem to be totally different approaches. Some of the teachers wanted very different results as well as their approaches being different. What is a younger person to think about these different ways of going on? Are many different approaches too much to take on for younger students? Well, the short answer for me is yes and no, it depends on the students.

It is something to think about because we are so different and not everyone one has a feeling abut what they want or don't want for quite a while. Some instinctively know what they want but of course with growth and more exposure to lots of artists, changes occur in what we want or think we want.

In the end, it is the person that needs to find out what they want and for some this happens earlier in the playing life and for others later on. Oftentimes the case can be when someones gets into a particular playing position professionally, the job dictates certain requirements. In this situation if one wants to keep that job, they might have to put several of their own choices on one side and find a way to make the circumstance work. An easy example is getting into a brass section where most of the people in your section play a particular make of instrument that you do not warm to personally, but are expected to oblige. There are many examples one can find.

The video will look at other distinct angles of this, all of which are encouraging the interested person in discovering their own authenticity which is already in them! It is just a matter of clearing away attitudes and self views that cloud our own unique spark.

You will also get more insight from the process of this video of the 2nd overlay of the Overlay System.

Video 4

Saturday, July 15, 2017

FBSMC9, Authenticity Series, Video 3

Video 3 of  Frequency Bone Summer Music Connection 9 looks at authenticity through the Overlay System. I have spoken of the Overlay System on several videos. It is the kind of system where you can look, examine or unlock almost anything. In short, the three overlays of the Overlay System are:
1. Automatic Robotic Machine
2. Skill and Choice
3. Integration and Art

We all have a habit life. This is our programmed habit life which is very robot like, not much thought is required.
 We all have a mind. So when greater skill is appearing in a part of our life, we have more choice in what we do. The quality of that choice is dependent on our standards, principles, ethics, morales and what the overall governing force in our life is and this last aspect starts to move into the 3rd overlay. Our life is what we process on a regular basis. What we value and hold dear in our life vibrates to that sphere where the value lives. If we try to live a life that cares about what we put into the world, let say we want to put into the environment compassion, patience and understanding, those qualities are finer than selfishness, greed, hatred etc. which are much, much coarser. Where this video will lead us to is a place where we can hopefully see or start to see, that all the overlays in the end are connected to one another. They form the living life of a person and what they exude and radiate into their environment. We of course will look at this through music and the musician.

Video 3

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

FBSMC9, Authenticity Series, Videos 1 and 2

I can't believe that this is Frequency Bone Summer Music Connection 9! Time moves on doesn't it? This series looks into what is authenticity and where does it live. These first 2 videos set the stage for inviting those interested in this topic to dive in and explore. I found that looking into the natural worlds opens up this vast territory in many ways. What is more authentic then nature? Looking at natures laws and expressions take us away from man-made conjecture and intellectualism into very basic seeable circumstances and examples of authentic. Nature is not man-made.

On the human level, this gets very complex! Isn't it curious how humans can be interested in getting their hands on authentic coins or antiques of different kinds and how often it is that a person can be fooled by the ones that are fake? Are there examples of fake in the animal kingdom? Oh, and what about authenticity in music or art? What about in a human ?? We will see that authenticity is a 'custom job.' How could it not be??

In this video series, I will be ending each session with a piece called "Meditative Longing" which is not going to be played the same way each time. For each day being totally unique and authentic, I can't play this piece the same each time. It is not even possible as we will see throughout the series.

Video 1

Video 2

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Commencement Speech 2017

I was thinking about commencement speeches during school graduations a couple of weeks ago. So, I thought I would give one here! What is interesting is a commencement speech (commence meaning to start or begin) is for work that has already been done and now you are moving to another stage of your life. So the ending (graduation) and the new beginning )commencement) meet! The done and to be done right next to each other! It really is a gateway of possibility right?

This video, Commencement Speech 2017, certain issues are addressed, one of them being our current educational system. Plus the fact that so much information is available online with a click of a key. Because of this avalanche of information, it might be useful to ask oneself some questions like:
1.What have I done with all the information and knowledge I have received already?
2. Have I an idea of what I need?
3. What do I do when I come across so many different (often times conflicting), viewpoints?
4. How do I know what applies to me?
5. Do I stay with anyone method long enough to know if it is working for me?

In terms of musicians, many nowadays have a ton of choices, even when they are in school, to study with a variety of teachers. What is the usefulness of this? What is there to be cautious of with this?

So without further delay, here is Commencement Speech 2017 which will look into some of the issues that were mentioned above. Congratulations to all the graduates. On to the next stage!

Friday, January 20, 2017

In Case You're Interested Series, Video 3, Prayer

This video was recorded on January 17th, 2017. It is a prayer. I will not comment anymore on it then that. It is for those who want to hear and feel it. It is a transmission.

Video 3, Prayer