Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Yes, it is that time of year again! Very soon there will be the first video in my online summer camp Frequency Bone Summer Music Connection 4. It will consist of a series of great music, trombone and human interest topics. Frequency Bone Summer Music Connection 4, (FBSM4), promises to be captivating in all ways to a variety of musicians, poets, photographers and artists ... including trombonists!  :-) My hope is to continue to shed light on bringing out the spirit of the music in each person. This summer will focus on how to be more creative with developing our technique, coming at it from a musical perspective.

What is a 'musical' perspective? It is in the manner of approach. How we approach something can make the difference between a vibrant discovery practice session or a make the 'doughnuts' unconscious practice session. In my view of a musical approach, all of the basics are seen as expressive, meaningful and practical movements and gestures. These 'movements' and 'gestures' are ignited with the 'spirit' of what is needed. It is the type of energy that is put into the movements and gestures that make them 'musical.' It is in the 'Art' of the simple basics. These are seeds that can then be expanded upon so there is a natural integration of technique and the spirit of the music from the very start.

I love the words from the song "Whistle While You Work" from the story "Snow White and Seven Dwarfs." Those words are profound really. For isn't it very felt and obvious when someone loves their work? But, it is clear not all practice sessions are full of a happy whistling attitude. Especially the ones where the urge to throw the horn out the window gets really intense! However, it is an excellent overall attitude to have joy in the simplest parts of playing. I love warming -up and practicing the basics. I find it very grounding and a time to get in touch with the foundational aspects without being preoccupied about how great it sounds. At the same time, these sessions are very important in keeping our playing standards up held in a simple and progressive accruement. 

Keep in touch with the blog and I hope to see you very soon for FBSMC4 entitled, "A Musical Approach To The Basics."