Saturday, May 27, 2017

Commencement Speech 2017

I was thinking about commencement speeches during school graduations a couple of weeks ago. So, I thought I would give one here! What is interesting is a commencement speech (commence meaning to start or begin) is for work that has already been done and now you are moving to another stage of your life. So the ending (graduation) and the new beginning )commencement) meet! The done and to be done right next to each other! It really is a gateway of possibility right?

This video, Commencement Speech 2017, certain issues are addressed, one of them being our current educational system. Plus the fact that so much information is available online with a click of a key. Because of this avalanche of information, it might be useful to ask oneself some questions like:
1.What have I done with all the information and knowledge I have received already?
2. Have I an idea of what I need?
3. What do I do when I come across so many different (often times conflicting), viewpoints?
4. How do I know what applies to me?
5. Do I stay with anyone method long enough to know if it is working for me?

In terms of musicians, many nowadays have a ton of choices, even when they are in school, to study with a variety of teachers. What is the usefulness of this? What is there to be cautious of with this?

So without further delay, here is Commencement Speech 2017 which will look into some of the issues that were mentioned above. Congratulations to all the graduates. On to the next stage!