Wednesday, September 11, 2019

FBSMC 11, Making the Most of What You Have, Video 13, Rehearsal Time

What have you’ve done with the rehearsals you’ve had????
This is really an excellent question for any musician who wants to rethink what they can get out of a rehearsal and make the most of all that time. The people watching alone is pretty incredible! Especially from the vantage point sitting in the back the orchestra with lots of measures to count. :-)
The orchestra (and any ensemble really), is an intricate web of communication similar to the fine threads  that make up a spider’s web. Every line on a spider’s web can feel the movement of the other lines. It is such a sensitive construction meant for a very specific purpose. The orchestra set-up is as well. Imagine if everyone were really immersed inside the spirit of the music and were unified in the purpose… That web of communication would ‘catch’ the conductive signal of the conductor and transmit the signal of the music much the same as a radio or satellite dish  shoots the signal into space. This actually happens anyway but think of the potency that would take place if everyone were really on the same wavelength!!! That of course is the essence of  intonation at a more core level.

Beware of becoming too much of a geek on your own instrument to the exclusion of learning from the instruments . I’ve learned as much if not more from the other instruments than my own in many ways. You will be able to feel and think of the sound, articulation, and phrasing in a multi-variety of ways. It will also aid in the prevention of being ‘blinded’ by only one kind of sound and falling into ruts and a lack of ideas. (On a deeper note, this blindness to one kind of ‘the right sound’ is the source of bias and prejudice when it is extended into other human thought processes).

Make the most of your rehearsal time!! An interesting anagram of rehearsal if you add another l, is ‘hears all’! Isn’t that cool!!

Video link to video 13

FBSMC 11, Making the Most of What you Have, Video 12 Companion Notes

Can you find the art in all things? This video beckons this question! It is the core of music a s a living thing and Art as a living things no different to life itself. So looking at other art, you can use music references to actually identify, feel and confirm that all things are in all things.

Can you find the rhythm, pitch and timbre in:
human behavior 
in the course of your daily life
comic strips
basket weaving
anything and everything!

This will be a good start on your journey!

Video 12 link: