Thursday, March 21, 2013


We were all 'given' a voice. We all have feelings, thoughts, wonderings, qualities, senses and so forth. Each person has similar but different experiences in life. We all have backgrounds, genetics, surroundings, friends, not such great friends, family, co-workers and the like. We have associations with all of these things whether consciously, semiconsciously or unconsciously. We are a package, a bundle of life. Some of it known and some of it unknown. Each one of us has options. Opportunities. Pathways to be discovered or revisited from another angle. A past, present and a future.

What if we were to exchange the word life with the word music? Your life, every second of it, is filled with rhythm, pitch and timbre. Sometimes in your life you have the lead voice and melody. Other times you have the harmony. Each one is vital to the music of life and the life of music. You are a unique being. No duplicate or replica. One and only. At the same time, we are all interrelated and connected by coming from same core point of origination. We are all various overtones of the One pedal point of existence.

YOU HAVE A VOICE. It can be heard and felt regardless of your technical level. Not everyone will become a marvelous masterful instrumentalist. Some marvelous masterful instrumentalists might not become instruments of essence or life depth. Some of course do and some who aren't will too.

To work on our craft is important. Avoidance of it encourages laziness and more not 'facing the music' of our weaknesses, hence more avoidance. By working on what's hard for us we find a new set of balances and develop in ways we never thought we could. But.... YOU HAVE A VOICE. That voice can be added onto, developed into undreamed of ways, or be lost in the quest to be something that we actually are not. This is the danger.

Your voice is not necessarily your tone. It is the Spirit of what is in your Self. Your unique acoustic and experience.  Embrace what you are and have and go where few have gone before...