Monday, September 3, 2012

End of the Summer and FBSMC4

Wow... can't believe it is the end of the of the summer and school starts tomorrow!

I sure hope that the videos were useful this summer. I thank those of you who sent me emails expressing how much you got from these videos and writings.

It will be important to take your time with these videos and writings if they do spark an interest in you. Find your own way with them. Some people like to listen to one a week. That could be very useful actually. If you spend that much time with one and listen to it everyday for a week, plus put into practice what is being said, there is NO doubt in my mind that you will get a result. Quick results are often a gift or 'preview of coming attractions' so don't get get disappointed if it does not stick right away. There is always the maintenance work to do. You can't have growth without keeping up the work on a consistent and regular basis.

Approach and attitude are so vital to the quality of your accomplishments and development. I recently am telling everyone I teach or coach, that the reason people get in a rut, is that they forget about infinity.
That's right! If you can remember that when there is a will there is a way and another way, you will always have some productive movement. When things stand still, that is really not being in a rut. In organic development, there are times when things need to accumulate to a specific point and then there is  movement or a growth spurt. Remember: there is always an accumulation, shedding or building taking place at a subtle level that can not always be felt. 

There is vertical growth and horizontal growth. There is physical growth and mental and emotional growth. There are even deeper levels of growth.

In the next week or two, more videos will be coming out. One of them will be on high range, another will be me showing different kinds of exercises I do and another will be with Dr. Carol Viera, my wife Carol.

I wish you all the best for the school year and hope to see some of you at my THINK CONCERT on October 2nd at 8PM in Williams Hall at New England Conservatory. It will be quite an unusual concert and will end with a world premiere called Sonic Slideshow of St. John's Newfoundland for trombone choir. It will be performed by a Frequency Band Inspired trombone choir. I wrote this piece after Carol and I visited St. John's Newfoundland this summer. I will post more about this concert later.

On With the Battle and of Life!