Thursday, January 3, 2008

More Trombone Sci-Fi

"One more time, Oscar, and keep the slide charged to the very end of the vein stem," Mr. E. Lewiston said. "Now, lower the bell and keep the intensity of the 'U' syllable."

Oscar was following the directions his 7th degree mentor was giving him, but his mind was also focused on the 'Olanim' chant. He did not want any frustration or anxiety to move through him and activate the 'AIM' device.

"You seem a bit slow, Oscar. I can adjust your sensor-helmet if you think this would help," said Mr. E. Lewiston.

"No thank you," replied Oscar. "I think it is just getting used to being back on top of a heavy workload."

"I'm sure it is," agreed Mr. E. Lewiston. "But we have no time to relax. We are preparing to go to the ISTP competition this year. That means it is only four and a half months from now! All competitors--I signed you up to participate by the way--need to cut their sleep to only two hours a night and increase their dietary supplements to four times daily with extra EMF stimulation engagements."

"With all do respect, my mentor, that is impossible with my current workload at the Academy. On top of all my studies and practicing, I have maintenance work at the Hall of Events and working three times a week at IDAL," said Oscar with concern in his voice timbre. " I can't do all that, I'm not sure who could."

Mr. E. Lewiston looked at Oscar. "I know you are under a lot of pressure. Maybe I can talk to director Kline about cutting down your workload."

"That would be much appreciated sir," said Oscar.

"However," continued Mr. E. Lewiston, "that time would be filled with extra rehearsals and practice tests working towards the ISTP competition."

Some anxiety was building up in Oscar, so he immediately started mentally chanting 'Olanim' with a slow tempo, mid pitch and mellow, hollow timbre.....

This is another excerpt from my book, "The TAC Legend Writings,
Book 1: Journey To Freedom." Here are links to other excerpts:
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