Saturday, January 5, 2008

What is "The Box"?

When the expression is used, "out of the box," the question arises in me, "What box?" or "What is the box?"

The simple answer is: The box is a usual or habitual or standard 'fill it up with regular' way of going on. It is, no matter what the subject matter might be, a common and accepted way of doing something.

When looking at the arts, for example, it appears that there are many boxes, the reason being there are so many kinds of art. Even in one branch, there are many different schools and methods of training, not to mention numerous ways of approach!

If no one went beyond the accepted style of the times, nothing would change. Change is a part of life on both a small and a grand scale, but it is interesting to see how hard it is to change something in ourselves or in a society even if that something is harmful. We get used to things and become comfortable with our familiar ways and that brings a certain security. This is why I believe it can be very difficult to change something in ourselves unless we have some compelling reason to change.

If someone is interested in change for the reason of personal growth, it is best done slowly and under the guidance of someone who has proven to be knowledgeable in that area, someone with a track record of success working with other people. When entering unchartered waters, it is comforting to know you are in good hands. Even pioneering types look for guidance in one way or another.

It all depends on what you want. And of course, that can change....

For me, music is a living thing. And what makes it alive is my need to use music as a medium to transfer various aspects of life and what it means to me. But more importantly, I want to be an instrument myself for the parts of life that find me a suitable instrument to work through. That's because I believe the human has huge potential and each person has the ability to affect the whole of life no matter how small it might seem. The question is, "How do we want to affect it?"

For me, I wish to be a musical conduit for that which is more enhancing and elevating in life. And that can take many forms such as healing, inspiration, encouragement, beauty, humor, reverence, awe, appreciation, honor and much more. In order to be in a state of synchrony with those areas that I wish to flow through me, I have to be closer to where they live, and that is a journey of personal growth. But it is worth the work and effort because I have to be truthful with myself and feel what is out of tune in me that could prevent those more elevated qualities from passing through my music.

I have to be willing to get out of my box, to change an attitude or habit, which takes work and time. Not always easy, but then again, if I want to grow, it is easier to deal with the rough times if I know why I am doing it and believe in it.

I believe we were made to always grow, deepen and enrich our lives. So in that light, I am willing to break out of one box after another, for the sake of being in tune with the bigger picture, which is infinite in its dimensions and possibilities!

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