Monday, August 27, 2007

Trombone Sci-Fi

"After carefully setting the dials to the metrotune, Oscar was ready to practice his trobo slide exercises that his 7th degree mentor had assigned him.

'OK, I'll start with the 4 octave D flat quarter tone scale sequence.

Ooops! I forgot to connect my air tank to the mouthpiece funnel! Oh boy, that is my 3rd demerit this practice session! One more and I'll have to clean the entire theater again! So here I go.... Hmmmmm.

Clip the downward pointing nozzle into the funnel; hook this into the chamber at the end of the mouthpiece bowel; now gently bring the connecting hose into the left side of my mouth. Whew, got it...'

The metrotune was set at quarter note equals 4. Oscar needed to hold each tone 64 counts at this tempo, all at a dynamic of forte to the 25th power. This was in preperation for his weekly promotional. He was actually on probation for the past two weeks and if he did not pass this promotional, he would be expelled from the Academy of Sonic Scieneces.

Oscar was just beginning the 6th tone in the scale sequence when his friend, Dobey, interrupted him.

'Oscar, your release time of the previous note was early and you lost 38 vibrations in sonic stability!'"

This is a small portion from a book I'm current writing, "The TAC Legend Writings, Book 1: Journey to Freedom." Two hundred years in the future. Just a possibility....

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