Thursday, August 9, 2007

Upbeat Breakfast

My wife and I went to a good local breakfast place this morning. I noticed this really little kid sitting right next to us having breakfeast with his parents. At one point, the child started saying something very loudly, which was also very funny. I turned to the mother and said, " Very impressive!" She then said to me, "You should have heard him the other day singing 'I've been Working on the Railroad' to everyone in the restaurant!"

She mentioned that his pitch is getting very good. I then asked, kiddingly, "What about his rhythm?" to which she responded, "His rhythm is great!"

I asked her what his sign was and she said, "Gemini." I told her we know some great percussionists who are Geminis! At that moment, the older man in back of us waved his hand and said," I'm a Gemini and I'm a drummer! I play every night at the club across the street." We all laughed and the mother of the child said she also was a drummer, but her sign is Scorpio!

Thia breakfeast was such a fun, upbeat expereience with these people all chiming in. It was nice to feel a connection with people we never met before. What an unexpected delight! Times like this make you think what a wonderful world it could be.

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