Monday, August 13, 2007

After a Lesson, Part 2

During this little after session, John Peter and I talked a little bit about using the tongue to articulate the beginnings of a note. At this point in his playing, he feels better just starting a sound with his air and lip vibration. Using the tongue can help in getting a very clear start to the tone. I demonstrated some tonguing, both single and some double tongue. Tonguing can be like a painter's using his or her brush, making different kinds of strokes for different effects.

We always need to use our air, and I gave John Peter some breathing exercises. This helped his tone and articulation with the tongue. We also talked about the importance of posture and how much easier it was to take in a good full and deep breath when our backs were straight. I love working with all types of people. Perhaps because it amazes me how much I always learn--and, for a brief time, I get to experience life in a special way with another person, through the medium of music.

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Tina said...

Hi, Norman
It is so inspiring and endearing to read the story and see the pictures of this young boy and yourself together and it is heart warming to see and feel how there is no 'distance' between you, oh, what the love of music and life 'can do' ... Thank you to you :-)