Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Some last bits on this Day 1 of the Frequency Bone Summer Music Connection

I would like to put a word of encouragement in to those who have not yet looked at the preparation questions and to offer some ways to help those who have been getting into them make the most out of their work. They were posted on July 19th. Just scroll down from here and you will soon come across them. These questions are a vital part of this Music Connection and will serve as the human acoustical backdrop if all or at least most of you are working into them.

For example, if you look at question number 3, do you feel music or think music? this question might be difficult to answer right off the top of your head! You could possibly say both depending on the situation. What this question was meant to look at was that some people think-feel while others might feel-think. There is not a right or wrong, good or bad answer to this. It was meant to act as a probe into your process. So you can be more in touch with you for the reason of having greater access to the original you which gets into the essence of one's Self and creativity.

If you have not worked with these questions at all yet, just don't drop to number 3, look at the others as well. The questions could be worked on in a couple of different ways. One way is to work on them in order. Another way is to read through them and see if one jumps out at you in particular. The other is to read it over and over again at different points in a day and see what starts to cook in you about them. You might feel inclined to write your thoughts down on paper. Trying different approaches can help facilitate you finding your way into this discovery process.

Get a good night's sleep tonight. You have had a big day today and there is more on the way tomorrow! Good night all!

Extra curious contemplation: The next time you have a problem, try not to think of it in a negative light. Maybe the word "problem" stands for probe missing links.

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craig said...

Hi Norman

Have been joining in your Summer Camp (although its winter down in NZ) from the Southern Hemisphere. Thanks for taking the time to put this together. You have given me many things to think and reflect about and some great considerations and pointers as to improving my own relationship with myself, music and life in general. Is there really any difference between these 3?