Thursday, July 23, 2009

More Day 3 of the Frequency Bone Summer Music Connection

Here are some quotes from Master Manlon that are pertinent to today's topic on the overlays.

Our extraordinary physical body ( first overlay) is a universe of trillions of lives working together to serve us.

Ask yourself: "What kind of boss (second overlay) am I to my body, my first overlay automatic systems?"

Remember, there is always a simple and a complex answer to anything.

Knowing what something is about doesn't mean you are connected to it or can relate to it or have even found a way to relate to it.

Breathing is a part of our first overlay. But how we choose to use it is a second overlay process. This second overlay process is easy to see from the example of how we plan a breath in our phrasing. Planning is a second overlay process but the PURPOSE of our planning is a third overlay process at a basic level.

Music can be a powerful and effective tool and medium for transference, if the musician is truly connected to the music's essence and the human acoustic of the listener is in tune with the process (receptive).

We can use color as a technology to help us discover more about ourselves, our environment and how the energy worlds work. But never confuse it, no matter how powerful it feels, with whole art.

It's not about technology or over developing one part. It's about why we do what we do and how it impacts the whole of our art and life.

Without the real human qualities of love, devotion, genuineness, compassion, discovery, soul searching, awe, and other qualities, what will be the nature and quality of our art and/or life?

Each person is the hope. We can all grow. We have a second overlay, choice, that is beyond culture and conditioned responses. Our conditioned or 'fall back' second overlay is now located in our automatic systems (first overlay) and is really status quo agreement masquerading as choice. However, the unconditioned overlay of free choice will be for you to discover or not.

Each of the overlays has its own essence. But you can't talk about one overlay without the resonance of the others 'near by'.

It is important for you to know that Master Manlon always says his thoughts and concepts are "fiction until you prove it otherwise."

These topics, throughout this whole Frequency Bone Summer Music Connection, are quite dense. Please do not feel pressure to get it all right away. That would be impossible, for it is meant for those who are interested, to play, dwell, think, toy with, experiment, experience and grow it. It is an organic process. A whole process for the person to find their way in it. It is not really something to memorize or retain in a file. I believe the best retention comes from the reference of experience and an active relationship with something.

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