Friday, July 24, 2009

More on Day 4 of the Frequency Bone Summer Music Connection

The "TAC Legend" writing that was picked for today has everything to do with BAVE TO BE. You can read this as it was posted on the blog on March 13, 2008.

Think of the strength we need to get through any tough time. We will always have some difficult times. Because of this, one could ask, "Who has the time to take all this on?" There is so much to deal with just wanting to get employed in the music field, whether you are going for a teaching job, freelancing, instrument repair, manufacturing of instruments, sales, administration, an orchestra player, music therapist, and all the music fields. The answer, in my mind, is to help and insure, in whatever way we can, that the living essence of these fields of music does not die. To remember you have choice and to develop those finer skills, wherever they are in us, that are enriching to our lives and to others.

It takes a kind of bravery to be ourselves. But if we want it strong enough, it will come, if we are on a CONSISTENT path to pursue, find and develop it. That takes a regular, consistent effort, just like developing our first overlay. The machine stuff will only go so far, but the danger is, as is put forth in this Sci-Fi part of TAC Legends, that things can go on for a long time before Nature corrects the course. We all know, from looking at certain environmental issues,that there can be a lot of damage done before measures are taken to set it right, with certain things not being recoverable.

*SNAP!* And it will be ten years from now. So, for those who are interested in this work, start NOW. It will pay off. You never know where your life will lead you until you give it a shot. Be practical, don't be to fast or rash. These concepts can be introduced into your playing slowly. Take the time, but engage in the process, if you are so inclined.

The "TAC Legend Writings" are really two stories in one. This section is 200 hundred years in the future. Master Manlon's appearance is really just under 100 years from now. Some of you might have felt some of this work already? :-) Master Manlon, when seeing that his students feel lost, bored or not knowing what to work on, often says to them, "What have you done with the lessons you've been given?"

Not too much later in this Sci-Fi section, Oscar really starts to break down from this incredible pressure at the Academy of Sonic Sciences. This puts him on the journey to discover his Self and those feelings he had about music, but his circumstances would not let him express them. This is a wild part of the story and gets very involved and would be for some VERY SCI-FI. It is there to demonstrate how different life can really be to what we think it is. Haven't we all experienced some of that already?

BRAVE TO BE YOU and grow from there!

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