Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Response to a fantastic question!

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craig said...

I thought Chris' question and your response was great. In my music making (more in the folk,world and jazz scene) the issue of having to play things consistently doesn't come up so much. If I did a solo the same twice I'd be more likely to be out of a job. This allows a lot of freedoms in its way but then I am more likely to have a lesser level of technique not having to focus on that quite so much. That is something I have to work more towards. I guess different musics and help each other in different ways. Oftentimes money dictates how many people can be involved in whatever gig I might be doing and occasionaly that necessitates the use of a drum machine or a sequence programmed into my keyboards instead of a real musician. I always find such gigs the biggest challenge in terms of my ability to breath life into them. The technique of a drum machine can definitely crowd the music! I have to find other things to engage myself more fully in such situations. I'm enjoying summer music connection! By the way apple, apple, pineapple, apple apple pineapple, apple, apple, pineapple, pineapple, apple, apple is my personal favorite!