Friday, July 24, 2009

Frequency Bone Summer Music Connection Day 4, preparing for tomorrow's P.A.T. concert

Tomorrow is our Playing Alone Together concert. There will be a preparation video ready for you in the morning and we will be starting the concert at 4PM Boston time.

There are a few postings on the blog I suggest you check out tomorrow along with the preparation video. We will follow the basic P.A.T. concert format as outlined on the February 9th, 2008 posting. There are a few other short postings you can also check out: December 31st, 2007, January 2, 2008 and February 1st, 2008. They are not long and not intense reading, I promise! :-) Give yourself a little time to read these, look at the video (that will be posted tomorrow) and prepare for our concert. It is all in the spirit of the original you, your art and unique expression and being "Brave to Be" able to pursue this vitally important undertaking. It can be done. It is not too late or too early to start. Start with where you are at and with what you can do.Whether you are 19 or 90, it is the sentiment that counts.

There are many people around the world now and in the past that have been in touch with their unique selves. This Frequency Bone Summer Music Connection is an encouragement to keep it alive, especially in face of our changing times. Keep up with the times but don't throw out everything for it. Fashions come and go, but that which is real and genuine always IS. You will be able to identify it, if you use your feeling and not get caught off guard by the many cloaks and styles it takes. Remember this simple but profound analogy: H2O is always the same whether it is ice, liquid or gas, it is still H2O. This holds true for that which is harmful and that which is beneficial. Both ends of the spectrum can take on many different forms and it can be difficult at times to decipher what is what. But if you let the balanced duet of your thinking and your feeling 'speak' and communicate with each other, the truth can become clearer. Remember think-feel or feel-think? Do you have a feeling or thought which one you are more prone to? It makes no difference in the end, as long as they can work in partnership.

'See' you at the concert!

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