Saturday, July 25, 2009

Day 5 of the Frequency Bone Summer Music Connection, P.A.T. Concert Preparation

Here it is, our last day of FBSMC already. Today we will be playing our Playing Alone Together concert at 4 PM Boston time. This video is a preparation for this concert as well as having some demonstrations of being free while playing. It is interesting if we feel we cannot be free when playing alone isn't it? Hopefully with the work you have been doing this week you will feel more encouraged to try. Make sure you have looked at the directions for a P.A.T. concert . It is on the blog 2008 postings in February. The 9th of Feb 2008 posting has the directions that we will be following for today's concert. The postings before it, explain the inspiration as to why the concerts started. In most public concerts and movie theaters, there is an announcement to shut off all cell phones and peepers. Well for this concert, make sure to shut off all metronomes, tuners and recording devices! (If you really want to record it, that is ok), but not the other two items! :-) Remember you are playing with others. Mentally acknowledge that fact.

See you at the concert!


Great playing with all of you in the wonderful acoustic of freedom and joy of what we do. We were all in tune if we were in that sentiment.

Remember this will be on the blog and you can look at it any time. If you are really trying to put this into your playing life, it might be a good idea to visit this FBSMC on the blog regularly as your schedule permits. A bit at a time and start with what catches you.

Please feel free to go to the comment section of the blog and share what is happening with your work in this area or ask a question if it comes up. There are NO stupid questions!

I also want to thank my wife Carol, for you see it is because of her encouragement that I actually did this. I mentioned to her on Wednesday the 15th of July, that I thought it would be funny if I had an online music seminar called, "Bolter's Bloginar." I meant it as a joke and she said it sounded like a fun and interesting idea. I said, "Really, you think I should?" She said "Yes, I really mean it." So if you enjoyed this, thank Carol too! She was a great help to me in the course of this week.

As you can see, from the time of the thought of it to it actually getting announced was only 3 days! That is how fast things can happen in that freedom and willingness to put it together. Not all music seminars can be born that quickly! But, thanks to our upfront and ongoing work and technology.....there you have it!

It has been very intense at this end for Carol and me and we are very happy if there are some of you who can benefit from this work. You have all of our encouragement. If we can be of any help in this area, please feel free to ask.

Strength of endeavor to all!


P.S. Carol and Master Manlon send their best wishes to all!


Neal Bolter said...

Dear Norman and Carol. Believe it or not I just figured out how to leave a comment. The word 'comment' is at the bottom of the days postings. Proof that its easy to miss the simplicity in things.My relationship with the computer is still to be determined, but if this technology was not here this great seminar would not have been able to happen.
My concert schedule today did not allow me to participate in the P.A.T.
But I have been on the blog every night and read and listened to what you were saying and also involved myself in the process.
It was and is very special and as far as I know very unique and rare.
You are truly offering a rewriting of engaging with music and the instrument that one plays or music situation that a person is involved with.Using the extraordinary toolkit that you have gathered through the years and worked and experimented with and believed in and trusted and tested its validity
and have been offering the produce to anyone that will listen and even some that do not. But i do feel and believe that this is a true and extraordinary opportunity for anyone ,myself included to help salvage and offer the future of music and musicians players in the field of music continuance. Like most arts in the world least in the 'professional' level from what I can see and experience the essence life has been all but sucked out or at a random occurance. There is sooo much in the work of this seminar that can last a lifetime to explore and lucky we are. I have included in my warm ups the tuning my devotional life. To find one thing that I love about music or the Horn or both, to not let this become robotic. Its a lovely thing to add..thank you. There is much more to say reflect on experiment with..but one of the areas i have been into for the last few weeks which resonates strongly with the seminar work is the good or bad playing syndrome and the self expectation syndrome and the very lethal 'self judgement' disease. The freedom to allow oneself to be open to new possibility is very liberating and exciting. A little snipit of whats happening. much thanks and greatfulness to you both for your "Brave to Be' pioneers and guidence.


Chris Leone said...

GREAT STUFF! Just one thing is bothering me. Has this video been flipped laterally, perhaps by some formatting on YouTube or something else, or are you playing the trombone backwards - that is, with your left hand on the slide?!

Ross said...

We actually have an afternoon orchestra concert today at 2pm Colorado time (4pm Boston time). So I will be playing a concert, but unfortunately, it won't quite be a PAT concert. I'll be alone in certain ways, but in the midst of a large group of musicians and audience members. I'll take a moment to acknowledge everyone anyway and I'll enjoy making music this afternoon!

Anonymous said...

Dear Norman and Carol,
It is nice to see Neal’s comments. I remember you talking about him during my lessons with you. I have watched all your videos and read all the comments. Do you know what I like? Your consistency. These are the same ideas you shared with me in 1985- 90. I don’t think I ever really thanked you for the lessons, friendship and mentoring. I should have more often. You are still an inspiration to me and countless others (I am sure). You sound better than ever. I look forward to more Internet concerts and workshops. Thank You!

Brett Shuster