Sunday, July 26, 2009

Clarification of P.A.T. Concert Video and a bit more...

I hope everyone who participated in the Frequency Bone Summer Music Connection got something from it. I have heard and Carol has heard from people privately (and on the Facebook "event" page) that they feel it was very useful, helpful and inspiring on many levels for them. Very happy to hear it. Carol and I always say if we can help one person then it is worth it.


A student of mine posted a comment about the P.A.T. concert video and wondered why I was holding my horn the opposite way. Well, I would love to have said that I was experimenting holding it the other way but the truth is the camera that is in my computer takes the videos as if I were looking in the mirror. So now you all know what I look like when I speak to myself while doing the mirror exercise! Anyway, thanks Chris Leone for pointing that out. Leave it to you!

I have other Master Manlon quotes I will be putting out soon. Also, I hope to eventually publish parts of the book "TAC Legend Writings" instead of waiting for the whole thing to be finished. The section from Day 3 where Master Manlon is talking to Julian is a very good look at the overlay system in a practical and integrated way. So keep tuned!

I am still open to those who have questions or would like to share their experiences with this work here on the blog or privately.

REMEMBER, this work will remain on the blog. Several people have written to me saying they plan to take the full 'course' when they have the time. Or a person can do bits at a time. It will be here.

Best endeavors to all!

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