Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Welcome to Day 2 of the Frequency Bone Summer Music Connection

Today's topic is Rhythm Pitch and Timbre. Take a deep breath, relax, open your mind and tune in!

Pitch is like super-fast- frequency rhythm. This is easily heard if you can take a pitch and slow the speed of it way down. It is tempo isn't it? And in order to slow it down the 'pitch' goes lower. Through the lowering of pitch we prove that pitch is rhythm or vibration. That is why I called it super-fast rhythm. The acoustical backdrop in which the super-fast rhythm is played into creates the timbre. Have you ever heard timbreless pitch in the physical realms of our hearing? Timbre is the indentification or sonic signature of any shape and its material composition. It gives us a way into the life and feeling of the subjective nature of an object. The next finer level of timbre is in the essence of the person, place or thing that is being used for the acoustical backdrop. This kind of perception of an essence goes beyond our physical hearing into the inner ears of our deep feeling life, our vibrational life. We can see, from looking at rhythm, pitch and timbre in this way, that it is in fact one living life.

Reading from the TAC Legend Writings. Here Master Manlon speaks to his students on tuning with others. There is also a commentary after the reading.

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