Monday, August 13, 2007

After a Lesson, Part 1

This morning, I gave a lesson to my nephew John Peter. It was video taped. We pretended to be all by ourselves and just have some fun with bits of instruction thrown in. He is a ninth grader and, like many kids in school band, doesn't practice much in the summer. :-) So we talked about breathing and articulation and had some fun with mental imagery, making up our own little duets.

After the lesson was 'officially' over, we did some more stuff. I gave him a bit of a fun demonstration. We're going to try to post a short video clip on our website and if it works, I'll post the URL here soon. In the meantime, here's a still photo from this fun session.

UPDATE: We figured out how to post the video on the website and here on this blog! The focus and sound quality aren't the best, but we hope you get the idea! :-) Click here to see it.

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Lynne said...

norman, i was so engaged by your lesson. how lucky your students are! if only my piano teacher had been as inspiring. i might actually still be playing. lol. thanks for letting us enjoy the lesson with you.