Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Session 4 of FBSMC4 is coming: ENDURANCE

In the next day or two, Session 4 of Frequency Bone Summer Music Connection 4, A Musical Approach to the Basics will be posted. It will be about endurance.

One might ask, "What would be a musical approach to endurance?" That is a good question because the usual association with endurance is very physical  or athletic. But I have seen 'musical' athletes and I'm not talking about whistling or singing in the shower. The way they play the game has a fluidity to it, a great sense of rhythm and poise. So yes, there can be a musical approach to endurance.

Endurance is one of the basics after someone has been playing awhile. It does take strength to get get through the etudes and a band concert. No matter what level we are talking about, stamina is something that needs to eventually be developed especially if the player has career aspirations or wants playing to be a regular part of his or her life.

Endurance might not be totally what you think either. For the physical aspect is only part of it! Here is a contemplation for you: endures = sure end.

P.S. I hope you also are enjoying and gleaning the wisdom of Dr. Carol Viera from the FBSMC4 Extra! INTERVIEW. Watch for some more extras in the near future!

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