Sunday, July 22, 2012

FBSMC4, A Preview into Session 5: SOUND PRODUCTION

As is probably very obvious so far in these videos, the nature of my delivery is in the 'spirit' of the subject matter. If you are interested and take the time, you will be able to find the various steps of development for each of the topics. There are tons of concepts and exercises given in each video. But just as important, is the opening up of the subject matter so one can go on a journey of discovery with it. To go where maybe you have never been with the subject or to address issues you might of thought about and to bring them out into the open. Each topic is a living organism and is connected to the whole life of the art. This is why I approach each one in the way that I do. To encourage your life engagement with the topic so it is real and personal for you. One size does not fit all.

Later today, 5 videos will be posted about that favorite brass subject, sound production. This will be Session 5 of this summer's Frequency Bone Summer Music Connection 4, "A Musical Approach to the Basics."In these videos I try to encourage everyone to take a look at sound production in a musical way and a natural way. Sound or tone is a body or vehicle. It is not the music itself but can be likened to clothes. Just because someone has an attractive body or wears stylish high fashion clothes, doesn't always let you know what kind of person they are or what they stand for in the depth of themselves. Also, would one set of really nice clothes be appropriate for all activities? Of course not and neither would one sound. This I understand is beyond a very young players concern, (there are exceptions!), but I am trying to encourage people to not totally fall in love with one sound for all things. As an instrumentalist, I have seen this clinging to one ultimate sound way too often and also taught to students who actually are not 'made' to have such a sound. NOT EVERYONE IS MADE TO HAVE THE SAME SOUND OR EVEN CAN HAVE A PARTICULAR SOUND EVEN IF THEY WANT IT.

I hope that people can listen to these videos with an open mind and work with the concepts that attract you. Some of the topics brought up on these videos are:
*Where are we directing our sound to come from?
*Can we tell the condition of our embouchure from the qualities in our sound?
* Air temperature and sound
*'Edge' in our sound. Is it really a matter of good or bad?
*Dynamic contrast and tone quality
*Orchestral excerpts, how far can we stretch our sound?
*Sound and direction
*Embouchure anatomy
*The anatomy of a tone
*Do we have our own sound?
*Does the trombone have its own sound?

Something to keep in mind is these videos are recorded live. There are no edits at all. This series of 5 videos were made one after the other. It is really like a 50 minute master class that starts to open up the subject of a musical approach to sound production.

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