Thursday, June 21, 2012

FBSMC4, Some Insights into Session 2, "Articulations Not Attacks!"

Either later today or tomorrow, FBSMC4, Session 2 titled "Articulation Not Attacks!" will be coming to the blog. It is in 3 parts and of course consists of 3 videos.

 In Part 1, I was working with my new microphone trying to get a better setting so the sound of the trombone would not be distorted. So many things just started to flow out of me that I just kept this video which was really meant to be a test for microphone placement! When it is happening, let it happen! So from this 'test', lots of stuff flew out of me including the subject of articulation. So I took that cue and kept running with it.

Part 2 could have the subtitle, "Find the Breathing Room within the Standard." What I mean by this, is to keep our minds and bodies from getting stiff while we get more specific about what we are looking for. There is aways room in what appears to very little room for 'error.' Even in the touchy realm of intonation! :-) Legato is brought up in this video and one of the important things is the attention to the musical approach. Musical here meaning, an idea that has gesture, contour and clear feeling or imagery. 

Part 3 could have the subtitle, "Basics are All Around Us" or, "Change is Basic to Living." Again, this video is very spontaneous and live at the point! There is a lot of fun and important information for teachers and students in this presentation.

*As you can see from these videos already, I am being myself. I am giving myself lots of room while keeping on task. This is what works for me. If you watch all the videos, I'm sure that a lot of your questions that arise from my seemingly jumping around in the subject matter and weaving many things in, will be answered. If you have questions, please send them in the comment section and I will address them. 

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curtis biggs said...

I've been watching your videos for a few months now, and I'm just soaking them up! I try to have my weekly lesson with Norman Bolter with your FBSMC videos. Thanks for putting all the work in to share your insight with us!