Monday, June 18, 2012

Basics are Natural

In this pair of videos called "Basics are Natural," I am setting the tone for our summer get together which is called "A Musical Approach to the Basics."  I approach the basics in a musical way and am very spontaneous with them. What is musical you might ask? Well, for me, it means to be genuinely alive! It is organic and very naturally basic. Finding one's way is natural in the discovery process. The good teacher is a skilled guide and the student is driven by their own inner force while listening and applying the guide's directions as good as they can. 

Note: I am experimenting with a new microphone and the sound is not stellar on these videos. Hopefully the next video which should be out in a couple of days will be better! Don't let the not terrific sound block you from getting the main feeling and points that are being offered. 

Session 1, Part 1:

Session 1, Part 2:


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