Friday, June 29, 2012

FBSMC4, A Musical Approach to the Basics, Intro into Session 3: Warming-up

Warming- up is basic to brass playing. Not only to brass playing, but to anyone who uses their body as a vehicle for achievement. Athletes, martial arts people, dancers, musicians and actors and actresses to name a few. And don't forget those of us who exercise to keep our bodies healthy so it can continue to function well for as long as it can.

Sometime in the next 12 to 18 hours, 3 new videos will be posted on warming up. This is what our Session 3 will be about. Remember this is a musical and organic approach that hopefully will inspire warming-up as something meaningful and practically useful. Warming-up is allowing ourselves the space to tune ourselves to ourselves and put all of our various parts in harmony with one another. It is a whole thing. Body, mind and our Self or Essence. It does not have to be some boring task or 'necessary evil' so we can really just do what we want to do. It is a part of the whole connective integrated process.

In Session 3, Part 3, (video 3), endurance naturally starts being brought up. I hope this will prove to be good introduction into Session 4, which will be about endurance, a musical approach to it. Yes! Endurance is a part of the musical process because it has to do with the ability to stay within the connection no matter what. But that is for next week...

'See' you soon on a, musical approach to warming-up!

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