Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Frequency Bone Summer Music Connection 3, another take in case it helps!

Here is another take on Instruction 2 in case it helps. Plus there are some extra points to consider and 'play' with!


Justin Croushore said...

hello mr bolter! thsnks for the summer opportunity you have provided, and i hope you are well!

so i had a thought. with this music connection, along with many of your teachings offered from frequency bone, the subject matter often seems to be related to knowing oneself. knowing what you need to play effectively, make art, etc.

now heres a thought related to this: do you think that people tend to have styles that personally work best with them? i dont know if that explains it well. lets say i find that i am naturally inclined to playing rochut-esque melodies with ease, and a more stacatto playing is of a greater challenge to me. this means that i may need to more proactively approach my playing in my weaker style to be more prepared. but sometimes this means playing something besides stacatto, such as clean lip slurs. does this make sense?

so what im curious about: do you think that we should realize what styles naturally fit with us to use or improve upon the others? or do you think that this realization of differences does not matter, because its all just playing the trombone?

heres my final and personal relation to the question: this summer ive found myself playing in a reggae band that plays high-profile gigs in cincinnati- last night we were in fountain square playing for over one thousand people! when i play this music, i play easily, naturally, and can really connect with my audience. when i practice/perform/audition with orchestral excerpts or standard solo rep, however, everythings different. i think you can imagine how its different. but this is something that i really want to cultivate as being just as natural. do i start with how i play these reggae sets and move to the other side of my rep? i think its just a balance of priorities when playing these different genres. reggae: musicians around me, then the audience, then the music, then myself, then my trombone playing. "legit stuff": my trombone playing, then my trombone playing, then my trombone playing...

i hope my rambling attempts to put this into words succeeded. i look forward to more posts!


Roger Flatt said...


I'm on board. It's like you're in my head on what I've been thinking about the last couple of weeks. I'm going to go have some fun with it!