Friday, July 8, 2011

Frequency Bone
Summer Music Connection 3

Instruction 2

This video will expand the territory of discovery further with more demonstrations and insights to encourage your own process.

Letting go. What does this mean and when is it or can it be important? In this video, I am wanting people who are interested in discovering more about their playing, and themselves in it, to drop some of the bias we can build up over time. If I give a student who is studying with me a task to work on, it is important that they do it and see what that process does to them. Part of discovery is letting ourselves get out of the way, usually letting go of certain concepts like: never use alternate positions in the orchestra, or never think 'er' for a syllable in our tone, or our tongue should never change positions for different registers. The list goes on and is not the same for everyone. Let yourself feel what you need and that discovery can take time. But! If you let yourself 'play' by taking away worry, by not thinking of right or wrong based on some previous conditioning, things will start to unfold. But! Don't put a time expectancy on it.

Remember, everything has a spectrum of expression. Make sure you give yourself room by balancing between what you will allow and what you will not. This is part of the process. Breath the freshness of new possibility into yourself!

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