Saturday, July 30, 2011

FBSMC 3, Instruction 4, Part 1

More On Personal Art

This video starts to deepen and gives insights into the huge possibilities and benefits of discovering one's Personal Art.

In the course of these videos on Personal Art, we will look into different angles of approach. The most important thing in this for those who are interested, is to just try. To spend a little time each day in our free expression time and just play. See if you can play without music. If this is too difficult, then find a piece that matches how you are feeling at the moment. If one is not available, play a piece you have on hand but play it from how you are feeling. Try to let go of expectations. In part 2 of Instruction 4, more will be said to help you on your way into this amazing territory. I hope that you are also spending some time with each of the contemplations as they appear. They are also there to help and encourage you in the unfoldment of your own special art.

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