Thursday, July 20, 2017

FBSMC9, Authenticity Series, Video 4

Having had some 'main' teachers, main in this case meaning teachers that I studied with the longest, and others who I took lessons with for shorter periods of time and got an immense amount from, I was certainly caught by what would seem to be totally different approaches. Some of the teachers wanted very different results as well as their approaches being different. What is a younger person to think about these different ways of going on? Are many different approaches too much to take on for younger students? Well, the short answer for me is yes and no, it depends on the students.

It is something to think about because we are so different and not everyone one has a feeling abut what they want or don't want for quite a while. Some instinctively know what they want but of course with growth and more exposure to lots of artists, changes occur in what we want or think we want.

In the end, it is the person that needs to find out what they want and for some this happens earlier in the playing life and for others later on. Oftentimes the case can be when someones gets into a particular playing position professionally, the job dictates certain requirements. In this situation if one wants to keep that job, they might have to put several of their own choices on one side and find a way to make the circumstance work. An easy example is getting into a brass section where most of the people in your section play a particular make of instrument that you do not warm to personally, but are expected to oblige. There are many examples one can find.

The video will look at other distinct angles of this, all of which are encouraging the interested person in discovering their own authenticity which is already in them! It is just a matter of clearing away attitudes and self views that cloud our own unique spark.

You will also get more insight from the process of this video of the 2nd overlay of the Overlay System.

Video 4

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