Saturday, July 15, 2017

FBSMC9, Authenticity Series, Video 3

Video 3 of  Frequency Bone Summer Music Connection 9 looks at authenticity through the Overlay System. I have spoken of the Overlay System on several videos. It is the kind of system where you can look, examine or unlock almost anything. In short, the three overlays of the Overlay System are:
1. Automatic Robotic Machine
2. Skill and Choice
3. Integration and Art

We all have a habit life. This is our programmed habit life which is very robot like, not much thought is required.
 We all have a mind. So when greater skill is appearing in a part of our life, we have more choice in what we do. The quality of that choice is dependent on our standards, principles, ethics, morales and what the overall governing force in our life is and this last aspect starts to move into the 3rd overlay. Our life is what we process on a regular basis. What we value and hold dear in our life vibrates to that sphere where the value lives. If we try to live a life that cares about what we put into the world, let say we want to put into the environment compassion, patience and understanding, those qualities are finer than selfishness, greed, hatred etc. which are much, much coarser. Where this video will lead us to is a place where we can hopefully see or start to see, that all the overlays in the end are connected to one another. They form the living life of a person and what they exude and radiate into their environment. We of course will look at this through music and the musician.

Video 3

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