Thursday, July 7, 2016

FBSMC8, Recovery Series, Video 3

Welcome to week two of the FBSMC8 the Recovery Series. This third video was made nine days after the first two videos were made. It shows me in week two of playing and I talk about some of the discoveries of the first week. It really has been a fascinating journey let me tell you! My sternum is almost 90% healed. This makes a huge difference in how it feels to hold the horn. It is getting easier because for a while holding the horn straight out was putting a slight strain on my arms.

As the video will point out, I am letting things happen organically. There is now more stability in my sound because of the strengthening of my embouchure and support systems. Because of the gradual nature in which I am letting things develop, there has been no strain mentally, emotionally and physically. I have no expectations or timetables as to when I should be able to do this or that on the horn.

My usual equipment for most of this past year before the surgery was my Shires heavy weight rose brass bell, gold wide slide and a Greg Black 4G-5G mouthpiece. Now I'm playing my old Conn 88H with a Greg Black 5GS mouthpiece. It feels really good to play this smaller equipment!

I just want the art that is in me to lead the way. And to let my Soul summon the Art that needs to come out of me at this point in time. Art is a living thing and should be free to grow and develop according to its life.

Video 3

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