Thursday, July 7, 2016

FBSMC8, Recovery Series, Video 1 and 2

Hi Everyone!

I can't believe that this is the 8th year of the Frequency Bone Summer Music Connection! There are many of you who follow this blog and many others that just look at the videos when they are put up on YouTube. Thanks to all of you who email me and leave positive comments. It makes it so worthwhile that there are some that can hear the message that is attempting to be transmitted.

FBSMC 8 will be focusing for the most part on my recovery from having a quadruple heart bypass surgery in April. There was a video put up on YouTube in late May I believe called "From That Little Guy After Heart Surgery." You might want to take a look at that just for some insight into the circumstance of the surgery. Video 1a of the Recovery Series does speak to the circumstances of that first five weeks in South Carolina a bit as well.

I have been shown many times that life is not always a rehearsed script! This heart bypass experience certainly pointed that out. But I feel that there is a reason for everything that happens in life no matter how difficult it is or how hard it is to understand. By getting all the varied experiences in life (the good the bad the ugly the joyful the painful etc.), we have the opportunity to discover more about life and ourselves in it. We have the choice for those experiences to strengthen ourselves or weaken ourselves.

Videos 1a and 1b (which is video 2) are really the same video because I had an accident with my mic and had to make a cut and continue where I left off as best as I could on the second video 1b. Life is not a perfect recording! There are mistakes and those mis-takes are all part of the ongoing movement of life and the possibility for continued development as a person. In the first video you will hear my very first notes on the horn with almost three months off. In this series my hope is for the viewers to not fear recovery of any kind but to let it happen organically.

Video 1a

Video 2 (1b)

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