Thursday, February 18, 2016

"From That Little Guy in the Corner,"
Video 3: Warming-up

Warming-up is a custom job. It has to fit the individual and be altered from time to time as we change. Warming-up is not just a trombone thing. Dancers warm-up, athletes warm-up. Even people meeting each other have to warm-up to each other and not take for granted, by being too familiar and assuming they already know where the other person is at or feeling that day. Warming-up is a respectful and considerate attitude and practice and demonstrates a care to our body-mind-soul that we want to take care of it and are thankful for the service it has given us. 

More companion notes will be coming for this video. 

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Ole said...

Just thinking - how great it would be with a warm-up concert (as the main thing)! Seriously! The audience would be in sync (hopefully! – if it was announced properly beforehand) with the warming-up for whatever they were going to do afterwards (even if that connection would only last for a day, it could be the day that changes everything). In any case, I find your warming-up in this video very catalytic – many thanks!