Wednesday, February 24, 2016

"From That Little Guy in the Corner," video 4
Nuggets of Finesse

In this video, "that little guy in the corner"(me),  talks about an aspect of creative practice, the kind of practice that often times gets missed and has so much to offer. When one gets bored in their practice sessions, it means that they have lost sight of the reason and purpose for practicing. The title of this video 4, "Nuggets of Finesse," gives a simple but profound example of making the most out of our time using the basics of playing to practice finesse. It seems we all would like more and more control over what we do, but have we ever thought about approaching it from the perspective of finesse? For how can one have finesse without having the control to make the finesse happen? This is a very different mind-set process for practicing control. It flows and utilizes more of our 'human instrument."

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Ole said...

There is so much in this! In the small things, great things lie – the way a person makes a cup of tea to his or her partner, making that little extra, in the finesse of it the love can freely flow… Further, what you say about control and discipline is very useful. So important to remind myself that discipline is not there to inhibit me, but on the contrary to free myself, to be creative and all the things I want to connect to, and be with. And in each and every moment there is the opportunity to put some finesse into our lives, and thereby, into the world. Many thanks!