Saturday, October 27, 2012

Recalling My Times with John Swallow, Part 1

I was very fortunate to have had wonderful supportive teachers in my life. John Swallow was special and has a unique place in my heart. John passed away October 20th after a prolonged illness. I called him 6 hours before he passed and his daughter Heather held the phone to his ear so I could speak to him. I am happy I was in touch with him for the past couple of month of his life here on Earth.

In this series of videos, I am not sure how many there will be, I speak about John in our lessons and out of lessons. There are many humorous stories, serious episodes and his concepts about technique and music that he passed onto me. I did not study with John for very long, maybe about 6 months, but we were friends and I would play for him every now and then and he would attend my quintet concerts. I also heard him perform often. So here is part 1 in my series "Recalling My Times with John Swallow."

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Jim Nova said...

Great video Norman! I so enjoyed hearing the love and respect in your voice as you spoke of him. Great to hear about how your early experiences with him shaped who you became as player and teacher. What a wonderful man...sorry I never met him.