Monday, February 13, 2012


To change or even slightly alter deep ingrained habits, takes real determination and constant vigilance. It is a whole process and can be expedited by having a notebook of what you want to change written down in it and then remembering to look at it before each practice session. This will help. The important thing to realize is that what we do automatically has become unconscious or semi-conscious. With each action there is a certain speed that is going on. If we alter our speeds, usually be slowing down and deliberately thinking about what we are doing and what we want to accomplish, can help assist in retraining our systems towards our desired goal.

This takes time and should not be rushed. If it is approached daily, with thoughtfulness and care, it will change quicker than trying to force it at a faster speed than it wants to go. Being consistent and regular with our efforts is the key.

A great mentor of mine used to say, "Go slow to go fast." It is true. If we do not, we will eventually have to spend time undoing the new not so great habits we developed trying to improve the old ones we were trying to change.

A habit has attached to it a physical, a mental, and many times an emotional component. That is why taking our time in changing old ways is so important. There is never just one thing. One thing is always attached to other things. With attentive practice, one will start to see much. It is well worth the investment of time accompanied by a supportive attitude to change habits that block our desired goal.

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