Friday, December 30, 2011


I thought this might be a good way to end the Teacher's Log for this semester and the last post on the blog for 2011. It was a poem I sent to all my students at the end of the semester who are in my studio at New England Conservatory, New England Conservatory Prep Division, The Boston Conservatory and Longy School of Music. I hope there is something in it for everyone. I wish you all a Happy, Healthy and Meaningful New Year!

Dear Students,

As the semester comes to a close,
realize that there is a chance to recompose
In the midst of your holiday cheer
I hope you find time to strengthen your possible careers

By practicing those things you know you ought
To enjoy the wonderful opportunity you've got

Dig into your Art
It's there for you
Waiting for the moment you say "I do"

It is a marriage of you to It and It to you
But it needs your Love, Devotion and Passion too

It cannot do it on It's own
It gave you talent at the get go

But now you need to activate it
otherwise your talent will only be latent

Jump on board and sail full steam ahead
Drop your fear, it's all in your head!

I know you can if you really want It
It needs you.. a lot.. more than you know..

It's not about a job as the first important thing
It's you providing It with a way to be free

You are important, never doubt that
I'm on your side, always hoping for your best!

My very best wishes to you all!

Mr. Bolter
Mr. B
but NEVER Norm :-)

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