Friday, December 16, 2011


Discernment is an interesting property. This property of discernment with most people develops with age. Sometimes younger people can have quite a developed sense of differences between concepts, styles and approaches. Other people younger or older, have this concept of everything is equal or valid. Well, in my experiences and looking at things, there are VERY CLEAR DISTINCTIONS in concepts, styles and approaches. Sometimes subtle differences can be the most profound.

Oftentimes if something feels good or is easy and comfortable, it can be viewed as more favorable. The real question is, is 'real' life comfortable and easy all the time? There is a difference between stupid sacrifice and going for something you really believe in all the way, blood sweat and tears, if it is worthy.

I would hope that having an atmosphere that is clean , respectful and allowing, can be the platform for the real intense work to have a place to happen where it is supported. Making something happen is not always easy. Helping people to grow is not always fun. The attainment of our goals is only done through Love, Dedication, Passion, Effort and continued reevaluating in an upfront, allowing, but very honest way.

A great mentor of mine said, "Be your own person, but love the truth." That is a real process and a journey, to me totally worth pursuing and not always easy or comfortable.

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