Wednesday, August 3, 2011

FBSMC 3, Personal Art


This thought 'start with what you can do but start' is a slight variation on the phrase 'start with what you can do', something people have heard me say many times. Starting can be difficult for several reasons. Sometimes we don't know where or how to start or we don't start because we want to do it 'right' and not get off on the 'wrong' foot.
In the unfolding of the Personal Art, letting things happen in their own time without judgement or hard critique is essential.

You need lots of ALLOWANCE to balance the RESISTANCE you might come up against. By having allowance and letting the discovery process happen, there will be a TRANSFERENCE to you from the process which will ALLOW for a new type of TRAINING to occur and RESPOND to. This will open up a vast RESOURCE of knowledge and ACTIVATE a new but latent TECHNOLOGY within yourself.

Near the end of Instruction 3, I was getting into the process of 'playing' something I saw on a walk. This might be a good place to start for some people. To find something on the outside of oneself to take a 'sonic picture' of before getting inside oneself. The caution would be not to avoid getting into yourself and accessing your own experiences, thoughts and feelings. Going inside oneself and having the music come from there, will help in taking a 'personalized sonic picture' of something on the outside of ourselves. The reason is that we will be in touch with our own 'registrations' of our internal processes more and having them come out of our instrument. This is, eventually, a very important component element in opening up Personal Art.

It should be getting clear that this is a huge and incredible area to be getting into! Something that can always be with you that will have lasting benefits outside of music. As my dear wife and working partner Carol says, "The most important instrument is the human instrument."

Much more to come..

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Justin Croushore said...

what a lovely quote that this entry ends with! i would like to carry that one with me. thank you both for the inspiration that you provide. :o)