Sunday, September 6, 2009

Ask yourself.....

It has been awhile since the Frequency Bone Summer Music Connection. I hope people got something from it. For some people that kind of approach requires too much personal consideration. Well, if one wants to develop skill and depth in anything, how could it not eventually have considerations in it beyond just how to mechanical stuff. BUT! The development of mechanics also takes a lot of consideration, testing, attempts, approaches and reapproaches to finds one's way in it.

Now that school is starting for many people, it is a good time to cast the net of what you want to make of the coming year. Ask yourself:

1. What do I want?
2. What do I need?
3. If I'm not sure, how can I find out?
4. Where do I want my playing to be at at the end of the year?
5. How can I accomplish what I want?
6. Am I being totally honest with myself?

These are good self inquiry questions to help plan your priorities and not waste time. All you have is time and the sands in the hour glass come to an end in all sorts of ways, like the end of a year, semester, month, week or a day. If you ask yourself, "What did I do today?" every night, it will help you stay focused and on target.

Have goals. Short term, mid term and long term. Of course, they can change or become clearer and more specific but start somewhere. Start from wherever you are at.

I will be putting more videos up soon, perhaps one or two a month, so stay tuned. The plan is to get into the overlay system in greater detail and I will be using my horn to bring certain points across in a practical 'hands on' way.

By the way, if you are not starting school this week, I suggest trying these questions anyway. They keep one on their toes and helps the 'taking things for granted attitude' (which can sneak up on us without us knowing it and which we want to stop before it's too late) from 'running the whole show'. Ask yourself this: "Who's in charge of what I say I want?"

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