Thursday, September 17, 2009

Another Frequency Band Opportunity

Many of you are aware that the Frequency Band has a Facebook page that Carol set up some time ago where people can become 'fans' of the Frequency Band and follow its activities. One of the activities that happens quarterly is an opportunity for anyone, anywhere to participate in a worldwide Frequency Band OPT, a special synchronized opportunity to join together with others in sending well being and good wishes to others. Carol has made it easy for anyone to participate with simple steps and a video posted to the Frequency Band's Event page. The Facebook link is: Worldwide Frequency Band OPT (Autumn Event)

OPTs are an important part of the Frequency Band and they started in response to Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Since then, we hold OPTs at various times of the year. We have held them in Boston with several musicians and we also have held them in concerts, including our participation at ETW (Eastern Trombone Workshop) this past spring. It is not a local Boston event, it is for all who would like to participate wherever they may be in the world.

So, if you are on Facebook, you can check it out and RSVP if you would like to participate. Again, you can use the above link to Frequency Band OPT Event Page on Facebook and add yourself as "attending." Also you can go to the Air-ev website which is: Air-ev Audio/Video Page if you are not on Facebook and you will see the video as well. Just scroll down the page and you will see "Unity Born of Humanity" video.

Last time we an excellent turnout of over 50 people from around the world who participated and there looks like there will be a good number this time, too! The world can use as much well being as is possible and here is another option and way to help.

Hope to 'see' you there.

I wish all of you well being and all the best!

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