Thursday, December 20, 2007

What's Next? Website Links

We recently found out that many people who visit this blog don't know I have a website where you find news about my upcoming performances (including Frequency Band events and playing with other orchestras), master classes, recordings, texts and all kinds of other things. So, Carol has asked me to post a little something here to let you all know that. Here are a couple links:

News page at
Events Calendar page at

We'll soon be adding new things to our Resources area too, as well as to our Catalogue page (including digital downloads not only for recordings but for print music and text as well). We thought many of you might find that useful and especially folks overseas for whom ordering products sent by mail is more difficult (even though we do take orders for CDs, print music and texts on our online shopping cart from anywhere in the world, for those who prefer that).

So, I hope you all are enjoying the posts here, which will continue even more regularly now, and that, if you want to find out other news, you will visit the website too. If there's anything you can't find or would like to see, well, you can let Carol know! :-)

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