Sunday, September 16, 2007

Rover and The Red Scooter

While recording and performing "The Red Scooter" (one of the pieces from my collection of unaccompanied solos, "You Are Not Alone..."),
I often would think of my childhood companion and friend, my dog Rover. He would run with me up and down hills when I would be riding my bike. We would wrestle in the snow and jump into a big pile of Fall leaves. Rover would come to school and wait for me.

Rover was the kind of dog that kids dream of having. He loved to play with us all the time and he felt like one of us kids. Sometimes, at night, when parents in the neighborhood would call out the name or names of their children to come inside, my father would yell out, "Norman! Marcey! Neal! Rover!" Sometimes, he would get mixed up and call one of us kids "Rover"!

"The Red Scooter" is a playful piece about having childlike fun. The next time you play (or listen to) it, connect to some fun childhood circumstance of your own and enjoy the ride!

Here is a sound clip of "The Red Scooter" from my "Anew at Home" CD.

[For those interested: An MP3 of "The Red Scooter" is available as a single track on iTunes. The printed music for this piece is included in the unaccompanied trombone solos collection, "You Are Not Alone."]

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Marcey said...

Seeing Rover on your blog really brought back so many fabulous memories! I remember how we used to call him with the rolling of the tongue tune you made up that would reach a fever pitch..

Red Scooter is a fabulous piece that embodies the joy of life as a child and if we are lucky enough, as an adult as well.