Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Frog Concert

We looked down in an area of tall reeds and saw this frog who was sitting in perfect silence. In the very next moment, it began. One low short tone followed by another and another, coming from many different places around the small pond.

Slight variations in pitch, rhythm and timbre, moving with breathtaking momentum, surround sound. Holographic, rhythmically complex, making sense, yet totally mystical and personal.... We were the only human listeners. Awesome, magical and totally natural. A special, unannounced concert for us.

Perfect timing. My father passed away the very next day. The concert said to us (Carol and I), 'Enjoy the beauty when it is happening; try to see the marvel and the wonder of life. Always tune to the vital As of Attitude, Appreciation and Awe.'

The frog concert ended as suddenly as it began. Just like life itself.

The frog concert--for us and all the other lives that witnessed it.

A moment of eternity, sanity and peace.

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Lise said...

Hello Norman,

This is beautiful and such a balm to read. Thank you for sharing this!